4K shots!

film production & media consulting


We are a client orientated production company specialized on corporate films, social media content, documentations as well as individual and contemporary mediaconcepts.


Are you looking for a DOP (Director of Photography), Soundengineer, Producer or Editor? Just contact us under: info@4k-shots.com and we´ll take care of you asap.


Individual music composition is just as important for us as lively color correction, an appealing voice over or professional photography. We also specialize in website optimization and overall media skill improvement.

Michael John

The first music video for Nuremberg based composer, music producer and musician Michael John is finally online. A new and exciting chapter has begun.

Catowiez Sound Project

Our latest music video for "Alright Now", which is part of a series of videos from our long-term collaboration with the Bamberg musician Sabrina Catowiez.


Der Pferdestall - Saloon

Our latest Image Film for the famous restaurant and party location "Der Pferdestall - Saloon"


Open day at the Bavarian Red Cross in Erlangen

A short report about the action "hair or money" with short interviews with the 3 main participants.

Hair or Money!

A little gesture can sometimes help already.

Sabrina Catowiez Project

Our first video clip for the Bamberg based musician Sabrina Catowiez with her song "My Way of Life".

Donald Tusk receives the Polonicus Award 2018

This year, the distinguished Polish and European politician Donald Tusk, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland and, since 2014, President of the European Council, has been honored with the "Honorary Polonicus Award 2018" for his life's work.

Chris Casello with TV Jones News 2018: The Starwood Humbucker from Musikmesse 2018

We meet Chris Casello at the TV Jones booth at the Musikmesse 2018 in Frankfurt/Germany who will first show us the already very popular TV Jones Spectrasonic and then the 2018 released Starwood Humbucker.

Hotel Zur Heide

Our new Food trailer for the Aachen based Restaurant and Hotel "Zur Heide" - please enjoy!

Orange Crush Mini

Michaels Music Lab 6 features the tiny and almighty new ORANGE COMBO

New Trailer Online

Our new food trailer 2018 is now online!

High End vs. Free Cable

In the fourth Episode of "Michael´s Music Lab" I compare cables in different qualities and price ranges between 3 € and 130 € a cable.

Custom Ibanez vs. Ibanez Gio

In the third Episode of "Michael´s Music Lab" I compare my custom made japanese Ibanez with my Ibanez Gio to show you how much the price can effect the sound.

JINJER - SIT STAY ROLL OVER - Live in Aachen, Nürnberg & Frankfurt


Fidget Spinner vs. E-Drum

The second episode of "Michael's Music Lab" shows what's going on when playing an e-drum with a fidget spinner - in SlowMotion.

Same Hardware + different body = different sound?

The first episode of "Michael's Music Lab" compares the two electric guitars Ibanez RGA42 and Ibanez S521 with the same hardware but a different body.

Polonicus Honorary Award 2017 - Lech Wałęsa (German, polish & english subtitles)

The Nobel laureate and former Polish President Lech Wałęsa with his speech on the award ceremony of this year's Polonicus Honorary Award in the coronation hall of Aachen City Hall.

Polonicus 2017 - Lech Wałęsa in Aachen (German)

Conference with Lech Wałęsa and Thorsten Klute.


Polonicus 2017 - Lech Wałęsa w Aachen (polish)

Konferencja z Lechem Wałęsą i Thorsten Klute

Polonicus Gala 2017 - Impressions

Impressions of this year's Polonicus award ceremony at Aachen City Hall

Musikmesse 2017 - Impressions

Impressions of this year's Musikmesse in Frankfurt in 4K